MyBusStop FAQ’s


Getting Started:

·         What is MyBusStop? MyBusStop is a mobile or web GPS tracking service which delivers real-time information on a subscriber’s bus location, route information such as stops, schedules, route progress and possible delays.

·         Who can use MyBusStop? MyBusStop can be accessed by obtaining a school code from affiliated schools; users of the app are parents, legal guardians and /or students who have met the eligibility criteria. Eligibility is extended to subscribers at a school’s discretion.

·         How do I get a School Code? You have to contact your school/board to find out if the service is available for your bus and route.

·         Does my school code expire? Yes, school codes expire at the end of the school year. If you’ve registered for a new school year with an affiliated school and will use the school bus service, you may be eligible for a new school bus code.

·         Can I track more than one bus with MyBusStop? Yes you can. Just enter a new school code and add the new route you in the Web App.

·         What do I need to start? You will need to register with your valid school code. To register you can use the Web App available at, or via Mobile App in devices such as tablets or smartphones using an Android or iOs platform.

Using MyBusStop:

·         Are there any differences between the Web & the Mobile Apps? All apps are created based on the same concept sharing most features. However, the Web App is the only way to add extra routes and offers extra functionality.

·         Do I need Wi-Fi or data to run the Mobile Apps? Yes, the information provided to the subscriber by MyBusStop is sent via the internet. You will be able to see the updates only if your device is connected to Wi-Fi or a data plan. We have estimated mobile usage near 1MB for every 5 minutes of continue usage.

·         How do I add my bus route? This is usually done during the app. registration process. Once registered your route(s) will appear automatically on the map. You can add more routes by using the Web App. under “My Account” menu, and then selecting from the main screen, the one you would like to track.

·         How often the bus position is updated? The bus position is updated every 60 seconds. The App provides a countdown timer to indicate the time remaining for the next bus update.

·         Why is the bus not moving? Depending on network traffic, GPS connectivity or just road traffic, the bus may sometimes not update its position at every update cycle.

·         How do I know when was the last time the bus updated its position? A quick tap on your mobile screen or mouse hover on the Web App will let you know when it was the last time the bus reported its position.

·         How do I set up my bus stop? My Stop can be set up on the "Route/Stops" tab. Just tap on the Mobile App or select from the list on the Web App the location of your bus stop, it will be automatically highlighted on the map for quick reference.

·          Why are there 2 sets of time on the Route/Stop tab? The first one is the “Scheduled or Estimated” time and the second is the “Actual” time reported by the GPS when it reaches a stop.

o   Scheduled Time: is the time the bus leaves from your stop in the AM.

o   Estimated Time: is the time the bus is estimated to arrive at your stop in the PM.

o   Actual Time: is the time registered by the GPS when the bus arrived to your stop.

·         How do I know if the bus has been to a stop? Once a bus has been to a stop it will change to a gray color.

·         What is the “Route Status” bar? It is the fastest way to know how many stops the bus has been to and how many are pending.

·         What is “Estimated Delay by GPS” mean? This is the estimated bus delay calculated by our GPS system. The estimated time is calculated and based on normal navigation conditions.

·         What is “Dispatch Comments”? In this field you will find notifications made by our Operations Center.

·         Can I zoom in into the map to see with more detail? Yes, you can. Please note that in the web application you will also be able to:

o   Choose between map and satellite image

o   In satellite mode, render a bird’s-eye view of the stop area

o   Explore the street view of the stop area.